View from the North
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Scott Gibbons lived to the North of the Ramseys.  I took this photo while standing with my back against his house so I could see what he saw.  The shuttered window in the center of the photo with the white curtains is the kitchen.  Beneath that, there is the addition to the house, the butler's kitchen. 

I visited with Scott Gibbons personally and he told me he did NOT see "strange" lights like a flashlight or anything like that.  What he saw was that lights over the sink, over that shuttered window were on and the Ramseys NEVER used those lights.

Two people reported seeing the butler's door being open in the morning on the 26th -  and no one said they left it open - some think the killer fled through that door and tossed the bat against the house as he fled.  I don't know any facts on that, though.

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