Ed Gelb test results
Troy Cowen, a BURKE did it theorist, had this to say on the polygrapher

May 24, 2000

JonBenét Ramsey's parents said at a press conference that they passed a lie detector test given by a private polygraph expert, Ed Gelb. Mr. Gelb stated that the lie detector test indicated the Ramseys did not "attempt to deceive" when they said they did not know who beat and strangled their 6-year-old daughter in 1996. Gelb, a former president of the American Polygraph Association, said Patsy Ramsey also denied writing a ransom note found in the family home. "Neither John nor Patsy were attempting deception when they gave the answers," Gelb said at the press conference with the Ramseys, their six attorneys, and another polygraph expert.

This is not the first time Ed Gelb has been in the spotlight. He was called in after Travis Walton claimed he was abducted by space aliens and kept for five days aboard their spaceship before being returned to Earth. There were five friends with him that claim that they saw Travis as he was being beamed aboard an alien craft.

Ed Gelb gave polygraphs to each of the five witnesses and gave them a clean bill of health. He stated that each of the tests demonstrated that each witness was being conclusively "truthful." Gelb, then declared that the statistical odds of five people "beating the machine" were about one in a million.

Later, polygraph expert John J. McCarthy gave Travis Walton a polygraph examination and determined that Travis was deceptive with his responses. This is not the only time that Ed Gelb has verified an alien abduction. He had a TV show called "lie detector" with co-host F. Lee Bailey in which he had the opportunity to test Betty Hill.

Betty and Barney Hill are the famous couple that claimed they were abducted by space aliens. They said that they were given a physical examination by these aliens while aboard the space ship. After Gelb gave her a polygraph examination, Betty Hill was declared to have given truthful responses to Gelb's questions.

###############My comment - - The polygraph expert does not say what is true, just what the person believes is true. These people were telling their truth, not being deceptive. In their minds, they had seen aliens and been on a space ship. They believed every word they said.
In this case, I remember Lou Smit talking to me about someone who had come forward with information that didn't match the evidence. He told me she was an honest woman and would pass any polygraph because she absolutely believed what she was saying. But she was wrong. It could not have happened the way she said.

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