Judge Morris Sanstead's discharge instructions
Judge Morris Sanstead's discharge instructions to the Boulder County Grand Jury on October 14, 1999 :

"You've now concluded your service as jurors. The law requires that I thank you for your service at this time. I would personally like to extend my thanks as well as the thanks of Chief Judge (Roxanne) Bailin for your extraordinary service to this grand jury proceeding.
We have asked a great deal of you as individuals because of this case and, not only am I personally proud of the work you have done, but I know that the citizens of Boulder County also feel indebted to you for all the hard work you have put forth in this case.
The question may arise as to whether or not you can discuss the events which took place in front of the grand jury. The oath of secrecy that you swore at the time that you began your grand jury service remains in effect.
You may not to discuss this case with anyone other than the prosecutors who acted as your legal advisers through the course of these proceedings. If you violate the court's order in this regard, you are subject to criminal contempt.
It (has) been brought to my attention that you have requested that I issue an order prohibiting anyone with notice of contacting you directly concerning this case. Because of this request, I have drafted and will issue a written order which prohibits contact with any member of the grand jury concerning your service. Any violations of this order is subject to persecution for criminal contempt.
Once again, I would like to thank you for your diligent efforts in this case and, with that in mind, you are now discharged from your duties as members of the 1998 Boulder County Statutory Grand Jury."

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