"Santa" Bill McReynolds, a retired CU journalism professor, was a Boulder "character". With his trailing white beard and hair, the kids could easily believe Santa really lived in the nearby hills, not at the North Pole. He loved playing the part of Santa, enjoyed talking to the adults as Santa, but especially the kids, the believers. Santa Bill McReynolds would be adding to the festivities at the Ramsey house for the third year in a row. His wife would be meeting the Ramseys for the first time.
Santa had had open heart surgery 4 months earlier. While he was recovering well, he was still hesitant to take on a full load as Santa, so his wife, Janet, joined him at the Ramsey party. Gifts for the guests were waiting outside the Ramsey house and transferred to Santa's bag before he joined the festivities.
From 7 to 8, Santa socialized with the guests and handed out brightly wrapped gifts. Little did Bill McReynolds know that he would soon be the most famous Santa in the country. Before Spring, he would have people all over the country won over, intrigued, confused, and simply enraged.
Obviously a suspect in many minds, he had parents around the country hoping that he, of all people, hadn't done it. For Santa to have killed a six year old girl was like bad fiction in most minds. Still, he was suspect, as was his wife, and the world watched them closely.

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