search for porn
Speaker: The mother knows and that the mother is now not knowing what to do. Well, she either tried to cover up and now she feels guilty and they don't want to expose her to questioning...
Television developed the story further.
Tom Snyder: If Pop is playing with the little girl in the house, that's something that ought to be out in the open, I mean call the cops and get this guy out of the house
Marilyn Van Derber-Atler: But no one knows about it except the father and the daughter. You don't talk about it in families. Siblings don't talk to siblings. Note JonBenet had tape over her mouth. That is the strongest message we have. You will never speak of it.
John Ramsey: I did not kill my daughter, JonBenét.

Man: In May, the Ramseys talked to journalists in a last desperate attempt to prove their innocence. No one believed them. But what is the media's evidence, what about pornography? It was alleged that John Ramsey had used a porn book shop in Denver.

Tracey: It has been repeatedly said that you are a frequenter of shops dealing in pornography in
Denver, Colorado.

John: I couldn't tell you where a pornography shop was in Denver, Colorado if my life depended on it. That's false. Absolutely, totally false.

Man: The book shop John Ramsey was supposed to have used was never identified. No one came forward to support the story. The extensive police search for pornography yielded nothing.

from JonBenet's America

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