Steve Thomas
ST: "I believed JonBenet was slammed against a hard surface, such as the edge of a tub, inflicting a mortal head wound."

This shows just how ignorant ST is about skull injuries.  A piece of skull about 0.5 inches by 1.0 inches was punched out.  This implies the the radius of curvature of whatever did this is about 0.25 inches, and that, in turn, is way too small for the edge of a bathtub or anything like that.  The amount of energy from slamming JonBenét's head is not enough to exceed the shear stress necessary to punch out this piece of skull unless Patsy was an extraordinary Olympic athlete.  It is almost certain that some sort of instrument such as the smaller end (not the larger lens end which is structurally much weaker) of a Maglite flashlight or similar object was used.  

ST's explanation is physically ludicrous.  It's also completely unsupported by family history and so on as others have discussed.  ST is extremely uninformed, as well as being misinformed, but unfortunately this hasn't stopped him from saying many incredibly stupid things like the quote above.

This case is plagued with gross incompetence such as that of ST.

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