Troy Cowen
COWEN wrote:

May 22, 2001

Adrienne Mand reported that forensic scientist Henry Lee told Connecticut TV station WFSB-TV that he wonders whether the child beauty queen was even murdered. Lee said it's possible JonBenét's death was an accident, which was covered-up to make it look like a homicide, in which case there really isn't a killer. If Lee is thinking that JonBenét's death was an accident. He is not alone. Others have had similar thoughts. When Lou Smit was overheard talking to John Ramsey, he said, "John, look, it was an accident. This could be a lot easier for everybody".

What kind of accident is it when a person dies of strangulation? Is it an accident when a child kills another child? Many say yes. When the killer is too young to understand the meaning of life and death, right or wrong or the consequences of their actions. Burke was 9 years eleven months old.

#############My comment -   I don't recall Lou saying that, but I will say I have had that conversation with people - - but adding one little word.

IF this had been an accident, kids playing hangman or whatever, it woud have been a lot easier for everyone.  A child's game gone horribly wrong, the victim would have been buried, there would have been no possibility of anyone being charged, this witch hunt/ trial by gossip would never have taken place.  John would never have lost his fortune to lawyers and none of us would be spending time worrying about a killer getting away with murder.     The key word is IF - - and that makes what is being attributed to Lou a true statement.

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