conviction integrity unit

Conviction Integrity Unit
The overarching goal of the Boulder District Attorney’s Office is to seek justice in every case. In pursuit of that goal, the Boulder District Attorney’s Office established the Conviction Integrity Unit (CIU) in 2018 to investigate wrongful conviction clams. Upon request, the CIU will review each claim in order to identify and rectify cases in which an individual was wrongfully convicted.
Purpose of the Conviction Integrity Unit
The mission of the CIU is to review legitimate claims of actual innocence. The CIU is composed of members representing the University of Colorado Law School, Alternative Defense Counsel, and the Boulder District Attorney’s Office. This collaborative approach seeks to ensure a fair review of all clams by a group of attorneys and investigators with differing perspectives from within the criminal justice system. The CIU process is completely independent of an previously filed or ongoing post-conviction litigation or appellate filings, and seeks to further the interest of justice by ensuring that every claim of actual innocence is being diligently reviewed and investigated.
Requirements for Consideration by CIU
The conviction must have been in Boulder County,
The petitioner must be a living person,
There must be a claim of actual innocence.
Credible evidence of innocence must exist, and,
The claim must not be frivolous.
Application and Other Resources
For more information on the Conviction Integrity Unit, contact us at (303)441-3700.
Application Form
Conviction Integrity Unit Policy and Application Process Memorandum
Frequently Asked Questions
Recent Press Releases
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20th Judicial District Attorney’s Office
Conviction Integrity Unit
Committed To Public Safety, Fairness and Equal Justice

CIU Mailing Address
Office of the District Attorney, Twentieth Judicial District
Conviction Integrity Unit
1777 6th Street
Boulder, CO 80302
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