Delmar England
The approach in Delmar's posts was very unscientific, revealing an astonishing lack of understanding of how science actually works.  Rather than merely bad physics, he used known invalid arguments and logical fallacies.  Judging by his posts, Delmar appeared to me to suffer from numerous "problem-solving inadequacies."

For example:

Delmar set as his goal a proof that John Ramsey's characterization of the knot used for the so-called "garrote" as "professional"  was for the purpose of misdirecting attention away from himself and his wife precisely because, Delmar concludes (actually assumes), they were indeed involved.

He begins by arguing that the knot used in the garrote is not factually "professional" as characterized by John Ramsey (i.e.  the knot has various engineering defects, is inefficient, uncomfortable, etc.) rather than addressing the obviously central issue of intent.  Delmar merely assumed that if the knot was factually "unprofessional" John must therefore be disingenuous, calculating, and guilty rather than simply mistaken. 

To make matters worse, Delmar's discussion of what he calls the "physics, physics, physics" of the knot used in the garrote was incompetent, wrong, unscientific, and revealed Delmar's rather extensive misunderstanding of not only physics, but of science.  Delmar revealed his dogmatic side, refusing to accept any contradictory evidence and making proclamations worthy of a cult leader.  Ignore my critics; pay attention only to what I say; etc. 

He also attempted to employ deductive logic to draw the conclusion of guilt, an incredibly foolish mistake.
On the positive side, Delmar England did provide us with many excellent counter-examples of "How Not to Think."  We can all learn from these and hope not to make the same foolish mistakes and avoid drawing unwarranted therefore potentially erroneous conclusions.

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