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1 Patsy's Handwriting Sample Matched the Ransom Note

Perhaps the most convincing and terrifying evidence of all was the ransom note. There were several things that raised red flags to investigators in the note, starting with the ransom demand. However, that wasn’t all. The ransom note was a staggering two and a half pages, much longer than any killer or kidnapper would need to make a ransom demand, suggesting to investigators that it was fabricated and simply an oversell. Additionally, ink comparison showed that the pen used to write the note came from a pen on Patsy’s desk, the paper the note was written on came from Patsy’s desk as well. Investigators thought it was odd that an intruder would spend so much time in the house writing such a long note, without fear of discovery. Also, the note was placed on a back staircase, an intimate detail that suggested whoever wrote it knew the Ramsey’s mainly used that particular staircase. However, the most compelling of all? Several handwriting experts have concluded that with over two hundred similarities between Patsy’s writing samples and the ransom note, that she was the one who wrote it.


If the killer was in the house waiting for the family to get home and settle in for the night - - he had to be still and why NOT write a note? Fantasy time before acting out a different fantasy.
Putting it on the staircase doesn't strike me as odd in a house as cluttered as that one. It would be seen for sure.

The "several handwriting experts" referred to here are the same one discredited in the Wolf lawsuit, right?

People really should do a lot more research before claiming knowledge in this case. This article had a LOT of misinformation and mistakes in it.

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