Offering to pay for tests - 5/22/2017
I brought the following URL to the attention of DA Stan Garnett and BPD Chief Greg Testa today

I have been in touch with the lab that is doing the advanced DNA tests that could give details about the man who left his DNA mixed with the blood of his 6 year old victim.  Did he have red hair?  Blue eyes?  Freckles? Dimples?  Did he tend to be very hairy?  Did he have olive skin?      The man at the lab said he would have to have permission from the detectives to do the comparison, that he has worked with BODE before and they would be able to tell him if the DNA on file is good enough for their needs, and that the cost would be $3,600.

The first step is to get the Boulder LE to agree to allow this to go forward.  I have sent an email out to knock on that door.

I can't help with the DNA, it is either good enough to test or not.

But if funding is a problem, I have offered to use the GoFundMe contributions to pay half of the cost, $1,800.

I even wrote in my email that if they had NO funding available, I would do more to get donations to pay the full cost.  All I really need is their stamp of approval to give the new lab access to the BODE files. 

I am waiting to hear back from them.

Please do share this on the forums.  The new science might help solve this.
NEWS! I woke up this morning to an email. If the Boulder authorities will authorize the tests and the DNA sample available is what is needed for testing, a donor who will remain anonymous has offered to fully cover the cost of the tests.

This is great news.

I can only hope the powers in Boulder will go forward with this investigative tool.

Sad news from Boulder Police Chief Testa - this came in an email

I appreciate your interest and passion in this investigation. The Boulder Police Department and DA’s Office continues to work closely with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, who is well versed in all current DNA technology. I will not further discuss specifics in evidence or DNA testing.


Greg Testa
Chief of Police

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