April 30, 1997 until tests taken
ST: I want to make it clear to you that you are not the only people that we’re looking at in this thing. Despite what you may know and hear to the contrary. But outside the politics and outside of everything else hat goes on a t pay grades far above mine, Tom, and myself, and Ron, and Linda, and Jane, and Melissa, and Tom Wickerman will work this to the end, and I’m sort of beating a dead horse here, but I hope that we can reach that point. And if it takes your offer of passing ten polygraphs, if we can get pass that burden, we’ll certain do that. But I think today was a good start. OK. Now, I’m going to shut up.
PR: Well I, I mean I realize that you have to look at us, you know. And that’s fine. But just, I have the (inaudible) the exclusion to find out who did this. Because we did not, we’re not involved in this. And I just don’t want you to..
ST: I got to tell you what’s, and let me just give you a little opinion on my part. It’s been hard. Today we made great strides because we’ve got information direct from the source that we’ve never had before. I’ve had to fly to Atlanta and talk and your mom several times to check on everything from a blanket to a key to this and that. So I think that’s why t his has moved very slowly.
PR: Well, we want to get together, you know.
ST: I know, I know.
PR: And all that’s water under the dam and let’s start new. But I want to go together here. We got to, there’s somebody out there and I don’t want him to do it again, and heaven forbid, you know, if they are not found.

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