June 2, 1998 Beckner comments after Coors presentation
June 02, 1998 - Ramsey Update #68
June 2, 1998
Commander Mark Beckner, (303) 441-4370
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Boulder Police conclude presentation
of Ramsey case to the DA
(Ramsey Update #68)

Boulder Police detectives today concluded their presentation of the Ramsey investigation to Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter. The presentation was made by the seven detectives who have worked on the JonBenet Ramsey investigation: Case Supervisor, Sgt. Tom Wickman, Detective Tom Trujillo, Detective Steve Thomas, Detective Jane Harmer, Detective Ron Gosage, Detective Carey Weinheimer, and Detective Michael Everett.
At the conclusion of the presentation, Commander Beckner said, "This has been a very productive two days. After exhaustively reviewing the 30,000 pages of this investigation, we identified 24 investigative topics which were covered during the presentation. Some of the areas we covered included forensics information, analysis of evidence, what we learned from the ransom note and the hundreds of different items found in the house, what was not found in the house, and evidence supporting or not supporting an intruder. We discussed the interviews we’ve conducted and the people we’ve looked at as suspects. We covered a lot of ground in a very complex case."
Commander Beckner added, "We have made a very strong case for a grand jury and believe a grand jury will give us the best opportunity to find the final pieces needed in this case. We have been and will continue to be committed to working closely with the District Attorney’s office to complete this investigation."
"To give you some perspective of the enormity of this investigation and the effort that has been put forth in solving this case, let me give you some statistics. Since we began our investigation in December, 1996, we have formally interviewed 590 people, some more than once; we have utilized 64 outside experts and consultants; we have investigated 68 people as possible suspects, plus an additional 54 convicted sex offenders as possible suspects; we have logged 1,058 items of evidence into property; over 500 pieces of evidence have been tested through federal, state and private labs; we conducted the investigation in 17 states; we have received approximately 3,400 letters and 700 phone tips; and we have spent approximately 22,000 hours investigating the case. Through the 28th of May we have spent $282,180 to cover overtime, travel and investigative expenses on this case."
Since October 1997, the investigative team has identified 94 tasks of which 67 have been completed. Of the remaining 27 tasks, some will require the subpoena authority of a grand jury to complete.

Following are some of the questions asked and Commander Beckner’s answers after the conclusion of the presentation to the DA’s Office today:
Q: Could you summarize why you would like this case to go to a grand jury?
A: There are still interviews we would like to do with people who are not cooperating with the investigation.
Q: Have you now turned the Ramsey case over to the DA’s Office?
A: I would say that it is more of a team approach with the DA’s Office now.
Q: Do you know who did it?
A: I have an idea who did it.
Q: Do you still want to question John and Patsy Ramsey?
A: Yes, the Ramseys are among those that we want to question.
Q: What are some of the tasks you have left to complete?
A: There are additional evidence tests we would like to do.
Q: What happens if it doesn’t go to the grand jury?
A: We’ll make the best of it.
Q: How solid of a case do you have now?
A: That’s difficult to answer, it’s certainly a circumstantial case.
Q: How long do you expect the grand jury to take with this case?
A: 3 to 6 months minimum, I would say.
Q: How did Barry Scheck’s comments help during this presentation?
A: He helped us identify the strengths and the weaknesses of the case, and he was able to offer the defense perspective.
Q: Are there less people under the umbrella of suspicion now?
A: There are certainly less people under the umbrella of suspicion now than there were in October.
Q: Do you think Alex Hunter will take this case to the grand jury?
A: I think there is a good chance.
This is where Professor Donald Foster, according to Detective Steve Thomas, made his case against Patsy Ramsey.

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