february 2008
About 3/4 of the way through the files sent to me by the DA's office, there is a page describing some tests done on the panties.

Three cutting were taken from "crotch cutting" -- about one square centimeter each.

2S07-101-06A1 - cut from top layer beginning at one edge, staining avoided

2S07-101-06A2 - cut from top layer edge opposite 06A1, staining avoided

2S07-101-06A3 - cut from bottom layer edge similar to 06A1, staining avoided
From lab report dated March 24, 2008

Samples 2S07-101-06A, -06B, -and -06C were combined and processed as -06X. The partial DNA profile obtained from the sample 2S07-101-06X is consistant with the victim.
The file sent from the DA's office included 2 emails between Amy Jeanguenat and Andy Horita -

February 11 - Amy wrote -
I have completed testing of the cuttings from the crotch. At this point, I was not able to reproduce the mixture profile; I only have data consistent with JonBenet with no indication of a mixture.

He wrote back - - "Just to confirm, you used the identifier kit on the extraction from the three combined cuttings and found only the victim's profile."

After that exchange, the decision was made to check the long johns.

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