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Steve Thomas depo - jameson245 - 03-25-2017

Q. Page 75 of your book. The second paragraph "The FBI would tell us that the disposal of the
body of JonBenet had the classic elements of a staged crime, complete with a Hollywoodized ransom
note." Was there any specific member of the FBI that you attribute that statement to?

A. The meeting in I believe it was August or September of 1997.
Q. Quantico?
A. In Quantico at a big, many, many people in the room.
Q. If I hear you throughout this testimony and it seems to me and from your book, the FBI was
heavily involved in this investigation from early on; wouldn't you agree?
A. They were very supportive of us and involved, yes.
Q. Yeah, I mean, they were heavily involved for a case that really was not a federal jurisdiction
case, a murder?
A. Arguably.
Q. I mean when I was out there saying, you know, I didn't think the FBI is objective because they've
been involved in this case to a significant amount, whether you agree or not with my objectivity
conclusion, I was right about the fact that the FBI had been significantly involved in the case, wasn't I?
A. For the record I don't agree with the objectivity conclusion but, yeah, they were significantly
involved in the case.
Q. It seems like from what you're telling me that they were of the mind that you were, that Patsy
Ramsey they thought was involved in the death of her daughter?
A. That certainly seemed to be my impression.
Q. So whether that was an objective decision by then I certainly was right to have some concerns
about whether or not they had formed such a conclusion before I submitted John or Patsy to the FBI
examination, wasn't I?
A. Well, twofold. One, I don't think they would have -- I don't think there was anything
inappropriate with their polygraph unit or that they would have conspired in any way with their
Q. I also comment to you the ruse interview that was attempted on Richard Jewell by the FBI might
be enlightening about FBI tactics, legal and illegal