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relating to John Mark Karr - jameson245 - 03-20-2017

First, let me say I admire Michael Tracey for doing everything in his power to see this case solved.  Including dealing with John Mark Karr.

Then let me say I am sorry he didn't include me in his efforts with JMK because I really would have been more impartial and told him the guy was lying.  He has JonBenét being injured in ways she was not - - and he missed some things we knew to be fact.  (The stun gun)  AND, he had some other mistakes - like where she was killed - he said it was next to the broken window and it was at the other end of the basement that she wet herself - - he was just wrong.

So Tracey was wrong about Karr - - and he made a few other mistakes as well.  But at least he tried to advance the investigation and for that he gets brownie points in the next life.

This thread is going to be about Tracey and the emails he exchanged with John Mark Karr.    They are not as bad as the taped phone conversations, but I post to let others see just what JMK was saying.

RE: relating to John Mark Karr - jameson245 - 03-20-2017

By the time this starts, Michael has been in and out of touch with the mysterious Daxis for some time. He has decided he needs to bring this to LE – and he turned to Lou Smit who, in turn, brought in Tom Bennett.

Read the email exchange at

RE: relating to John Mark Karr - jameson245 - 03-20-2017

And if you can stomach some of the phone calls


RE: relating to John Mark Karr - tealkittykatt - 05-24-2017

This might be a dumb question, but does Michael Tracey still believe it was JMK? Does he still research and attempt to contact him?

RE: relating to John Mark Karr - jameson245 - 05-24-2017

No, no and no