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Police officers / detectives - jameson245 - 09-11-2017

"I have not seen any evidence that would be compelling to suggest that John and Patsy did kill their daughter at this point. And the evidence to me certainly suggests that someone committed the murder other than them."

Detective Steve Ainsworth  April 30, 2001  TODAY show on NBC

Lou Smit - Summer Dawn - 10-06-2017

According to John Ramsey, that suitcase -- and also according to the housekeeper -- was not underneath that window prior to that night. John Ramsey said that that is not where suitcases are normally kept.

The position of that suitcase when it was first observed there, by Fleet White, was that it was directly against the wall, directly underneath that open window. There is evidence on top of that suitcase, a very small tiny pea-sized piece of glass which could have come off the shoe of the intruder.

There is also what appears to be a disturbance on the top of that suitcase, as if someone may have stood on it at some particular point. That suitcase is very significant, because it does allow easier egress from that basement through that window.


One thing, though, Larry, that I think that should be borne in mind here, the Ramseys have no history whatsoever of any type of criminal activity. They have -- there is nothing to even suggest that they would entertain those thoughts, as far as being able to elaborately stage a crime like this.

Whoever killed JonBenet is a criminal who knows these things. There is nothing in the background of the Ramseys to indicate any type of psychological problems, any type of anger that would be directed toward their daughter. There is just no background which suggests that the Ramseys would even know how to do these things