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  looking for the web
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-30-2017, 12:58 PM - Forum: Broken window/ Spider web - Replies (13)


This is a crime scene photo taken the morning of the 26th - - hours before the police crime scene video was shot.  I see a disturbance at the window - can tell you from going in that window myself that there is a lip on that ledge so you can NOT slide in, you have to pick up your butt to go in.  So the amount of disturbance is certainly possible with the intruder theory.  My question is - - why can't we see the big spider web tht is in the crime scene video?

I know Lin Wood, in the CBS lawsuit, suggests they altered the images.  So I want to see what all of you think.  Is there a big spiderweb there?

(And just for the record, in the crime scene video, I see the web - - and I also see part of it that was torn from the whole hanging from the open window frame.)

So is there a spider web there or not?  is it at the angle presented by CBS?  I personally think if there was an active spider web there it would have been across the window, not thick and full of debris.)

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  Unrelated paternity DNA test
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-29-2017, 05:08 PM - Forum: DNA - more technical discussions - No Replies

      click on image to enlarge.

I was with my husband and others at a NC tourist attraction called "Blowing Rock"., a rock outcrop at top of a mountain, always windy.  Anyway, this report actually flew into me, wrapped around my leg.  And for educational purposes, I will add here for study and discussion.

Every person has 2 numeric values at each loci - - the child gets one from each parent. I covered the names before copying the paper - - but you can see at the bottom, the man WAS the father. Sorry it isn't all neat, but I was in a hurry to get it copied.

Note how different loci have different values. (The PI)  I think that is based on the purpose of that gene.  Brown eyes would have a certain numerical value and that would be far less than the gene carrying something like Huntington's disease or Tay Sachs disease. 

Anyway, I admit I am NO expert on DNA.  It confuses the heck out of me.  But I do try and thought this report rather enlightening.

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  In the very beginning... family kill
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-29-2017, 05:00 PM - Forum: DNA - more technical discussions - Replies (2)


I have lab reports from evidence submitted on 12/30/1996 and 1/15/1997.  I just want to share the header here before the discussions start - - evidence the Ramsey investigation started off quite biased.   Check out how the crime was described - and the named suspects.  And remember, this happened in the first week - - within DAYS of the murder.

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  View from the North
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 11:15 PM - Forum: The House at 755 15th Street, Boulder, CO - Replies (1)

      click on image to enlarge

Scott Gibbons lived to the North of the Ramseys.  I took this photo while standing with my back against his house so I could see what he saw.  The shuttered window in the center of the photo with the white curtains is the kitchen.  Beneath that, there is the addition to the house, the butler's kitchen. 

I visited with Scott Gibbons personally and he told me he did NOT see "strange" lights like a flashlight or anything like that.  What he saw was that lights over the sink, over that shuttered window were on and the Ramseys NEVER used those lights.

Two people reported seeing the butler's door being open in the morning on the 26th -  and no one said they left it open - some think the killer fled through that door and tossed the bat against the house as he fled.  I don't know any facts on that, though.

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  Blue and Brown fibers not sourced
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 10:39 PM - Forum: Fiber and Hair Evidence - Replies (3)

From Mark Beckner's deposition in the Wolf lawsuit.    

18 MR. WOOD: Have the blue
19 fibers found at the crime scene ever been sourced.
20 A There are a lot of reports around on fiber
21 evidence. To the best of my recollection, no.
22 Q (BY MR. WOOD) Were there any other color
23 fibers found at the crime scene that had not been
24 sourced?
25 A That have not been sourced?

1 Q Yes.
2 A Yes.
3 Q What colors?
4 A Brown.
5 Q So blue, brown, anything else?
6 A Not off the top of my head, no.

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  Amy's assault
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 10:29 PM - Forum: Boulder crimes - Replies (4)

48 Hours has learned that JonBenet may have been targeted for murder long before she took the stage, possibly at a local dance studio called Dance West, where she took lessons.

"To someone with that, you know, kind of a twisted mind, she may have looked like a really good target," says former Denver private investigator Pete Peterson. Less than a year after the murder of JonBenet, he was hired to work on another case in Boulder that had strange parallels to the Ramsey case.

"There's a Dance West school where the victim of the assault in our case, the one that we investigated, and the Ramsey girl, both attended," says Peterson, who now believes Jon Benet was first targeted at that dance studio because of what happened to his client, just nine months after JonBenet was murdered.

Like JonBenet, she took lessons at Dance West. And like JonBenet, another girl, who is identified as "Amy," was attacked and sexually assaulted at night in her own bedroom on Sept. 14, 1997.

That night, Amy's father was out of town. After catching a movie, Amy and her mother returned home late. What they didn't know when they entered the house was that there was already an intruder inside.

Amy's father, who asked that his identity be obscured, agreed to talk about what happened that night: "My feeling is he got into the house while they were out and hid inside the house, so he would have been in there for perhaps four to six hours, hiding."

Before going to bed, Amy's mother turned on the burglar alarm. Around midnight, Amy woke up to find a man standing over her bed, his hand over her mouth. "She remembered the intruder addressing her by her name," says Peterson. "He said, 'I know who you are.' He repeated those things a few times, apparently. 'I'll knock you out. Shut up.'"

Peterson says Amy's mother heard whispering, and proceeded through the doorway, and saw a person, who just brushed her aside and quickly made his escape by jumping out a second-floor window.

"He was like a ghost," recalls Amy's father. "We couldn't figure out where he came from, or where he went."

By the time the Boulder police arrived, the man was long gone. Because the intruder had gotten in and out of the house so easily, Amy's father began to think this wasn't the first time he had done something like this.

"The first thing that occurred to us was that it was the parallel to the Ramsey case because it was exactly the same situation," says Amy's father, who even told the Boulder police about the Dance West studio connection to the Ramsey case. "I think someone, somewhere, drew a bead on her. Obviously had us under surveillance that we were not aware of."

The studio has since gone out of business and been torn down, but photos show that there was a balcony overlooking the dance floor where parents and anyone else could come in and watch the children.

But Amy's dad says that when he told the police detectives about the information he had, "they were completely uninterested in it."

"They were very frustrated," says Peterson. "It was difficult to get them to do anything much less, you know, beyond taking a report."

But not only did the Boulder police dismiss any link to the Ramsey case, they didn't even bother to use the mother's eyewitness description to make a composite sketch. That's when Amy's family hired Peterson. What he has uncovered in his investigation may not only solve Amy's case, but also help lead to the capture of JonBenet's killer.

"This person is someone with a huge ego, someone who views himself as bold," says Peterson, who believes there are too many parallels between Amy's case and JonBenet's murder.

Both JonBenet and Amy were sexually assaulted by an intruder at night in their homes -- within nine months of each other. Fiber evidence shows that JonBenet's attacker may have been wearing black, as was the man who attacked Amy. And there's the fact that both girls took lessons at the Dance West studio.

But Boulder police never found any connections to the murder of JonBenet.

Yet, Peterson found something very disturbing. As he collected evidence in and around the house, and did background checks on people who worked in the neighborhood, he found a group of individuals with criminal histories, who roamed the neighborhood at night.

He made surveillance videotapes, and showed 48 Hours vehicles that he believes were used by a roving band of criminals. "We did tail them at one point, within two blocks from the Ramsey house," says Peterson, who watched the neighborhood for weeks.

In his possession, he had a map that was discarded by the group under surveillance. "I think it's a blueprint for burglary, at least," says Peterson.

48 Hours has discovered that, of Colorado's most dangerous sex offenders, one in eight also has prior convictions for burglary or robbery. "They burglarize and sexually assault if the opportunity presents itself," says Peterson.

And in Amy's neighborhood, that opportunity seemed to present itself quite often. Peterson says there were 19 burglaries, breaking and entering, or trespassing reports in a two-month period. He did background checks on his suspects in Amy's case, and discovered that some of them had at one time worked at the Ramsey home.

"Two or three people we were looking at had associations with both neighborhoods," says Peterson, who went so far as to collect the sample of one man's handwriting. "We talked with him several times. ...We had him write something."

Peterson then had an expert compare that handwriting to the Ramsey ransom note. He claims he found distinct similarities were found, but "handwriting analysis is kind of an art. It's pretty subjective."

He also collected cigarette butts found outside Amy's house, and discovered that the "same brands were found in the Ramseys' alley."

"I expected it to be a serene, quiet, safe area," says Peterson of the Boulder neighborhoods. "It's fairly serene and quiet, but you find that there's a real undercurrent of activity at night that would give me pause for concern if I lived here."

Peterson, however, is a private detective with no police authority. He's been censured by a judge in the past for how he's gathered evidence. And in this case, he's planning to hand over all of his materials to the Boulder DA. He hopes they will take his theory seriously.

In his heart, does he think these two cases are connected? "I think that there's a really good likelihood, that's what we're pursuing," says Peterson. "We're pursuing that angle still."

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  only a midget
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 10:01 PM - Forum: Disproving Myths - No Replies


The myth was that only a midget could have gotten in the broken window - but here is a photo of Lou Smit, a full grown man, going in.

I also went in and out that window.  Any normal sized person could have done the same.

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  Steve Thomas' PDI theory
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 09:53 PM - Forum: BORG theories and BORG people of note - Replies (8)

Detective Steve Thomas has a checkered past concerning this case.  He leaked misinformation to the media, promoted his theory and, IMO, derailed the investigation with his actions.  But that's a whole other discussion.  He led the BORG, was their leader, source of inspiration and hero for a very long time.  On Larry King Live, he accused Patsy to her face - and this is his theory. 

Just thought this thread should start with his.  Certain others will follow.

From Larry King Live:

KING: What do you think happened?
THOMAS: I think there was a toiletting issue that night that has been dismissed and underplayed.
KING: OK, toiletting -- explain.
THOMAS: A bed-wetting or a toiletting issue.
KING: That caused Patsy to get mad at her daughter.
THOMAS: Absolutely.
KING: And say slap her, or hit her, or punish her?
THOMAS: I don't know. I'm suggesting that there was an explosive encounter, because at one point put the child in clothes, a red turtleneck, for example, not the same clothing she was found in deceased, the following day. I think something happened in that bathroom.
KING: All right. Why would it lead then to garroting and hitting on the head: What would lead to that?
THOMAS: I don't know. What can you imagine would led to garroting or hitting on the head?
P. RAMSEY: What can you imagine? I can't imagine. I want to you look at me and tell me what you think happened.
THOMAS: Actually, I'll look you right in the eye. I think you're good for this. I think that's what the evidence suggests.
P. RAMSEY: Steve Thomas, you are so...
KING: So in other words, she killed her daughter in a rage over the bed wetting and then garroted her.

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  Pineapple or fruit cocktail?
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 09:12 PM - Forum: Pineapple or Fruit Cocktail? - Replies (6)

From the autopsy:
" G.I. Tract: The esophagus is empty.It is lined by gray-white mucosa. The stomach contains a small amount (8-10 cc) of viscous to green to tan colored thick mucous material without particulate matter identified. The gastric mucosa is autolyzed but contains no areas of hemorrhage or ulceration. The proximal portion of the small intestine contains fragmented pieces of yellow to light green-tan apparent vegetable or fruit material which may represent fragments of pineapple."

For years we understood this pineapple was the same as the fresh pineapple found in a dish in the Ramsey dining area.  The argument came when some (BORG) believed the Ramseys fed it to her after they got home from the Whites so believed they had caught the parents in a lie.  Some IDI theorists argued the killer could have fed it to her after luring her from her bed.  Even others, I included, felt it was eaten LONG before her murder, just before the family went to the Whites' for their Christmas dinner.

Recently, Paula Woodward wrote a book where she does not share the police reports but states that a police report states that there were the remains of not only pineapple but also grapes and cherries found in her intestines.  That would lead one to believe fruit cocktail was served at the Whites - but in  no Ramsey or White interview that we have access to is anyone even ASKED about fruit cocktail being served.

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  September 2016 announcement
Posted by: jameson245 - 01-28-2017, 08:57 PM - Forum: Reward offered until 12/31/2017 - No Replies

On September 1st, I deposited $2,000 dollars into an account designated "JBR SPECIAL ACCOUNT". I intend to give that money to the person who can positively identify the source of the DNA co-mingled with JonBenét's blood and found on her clothing and later on her long johns using touch-DNA studies.
There has been no reward offered in this case in a long time and I am hoping that with all the anniversary programs coming out, someone will finally give up the identity of her killer. Maybe this offer to pay for information will encourage that person to come forward.
I don't care if the person is living or dead, doesn't matter if he is ever convicted of any crime. The money will be paid to the person who submits matching DNA to LE and identifies the source. The tipster must identity the source of that DNA, name the person, expose that person, to me, John Ramsey, the Boulder Police Department and the Boulder DA's office.
Simple as that. If LE says it is a match, the funds will go to the person who sent in information leading to that match being made.
(Note, if you sent in the name and didn't make a case strong enough for LE to make the comparison, you get nothing, nada, zip. That means if you believe you know who did this, you have to do more than send in a name -- you have to make a case against that person that is reasonable and persuasive. That should stop silly claims for a reward not deserved.)
This is my personal money that is making up the "reward" and I will be the only one deciding who gets it.
If no one comes forward and provides a match for the DNA, this offer will cease to exist on December 31st, 2017. That means people have 16 months to come forward and claim the money.
(Note: legally, this is not a "reward" since I am not filing certain legal papers making it "official". But the money is there and I promise it will be given up to the person who exposes the source of that DNA.)

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